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PC: Need historic info

Hi...I hope this is not an off topic.  If it is please let me know.
We are researching our family history.  I need  some historical info:

My gggrandfather was an employee of "Central Railroad of New Jersey". I am
not sure of the correct name for the railroad- it was 1880-1890 in the
Flemington/Somerset area of New Jersey.  Would this be the name of the
rairoad servicing the area at the time?

He was killed while working and we are interested in getting info about the
time and the incident. 
It was around 1886? (I think.)  His name was Patrick Heagney
(Heagoney/Haganey/Hagany).  His occupation on the 1880 census was
"Laborer".  I believe he was a Track Foreman, but I am not sure.  His sons
worked for the railroad, also.

If you can turn me in the right direction I would appreciate it!

Thank you so much in advance for your time!

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