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Re: PC: PC MU's

I think the 1077 is the old PC 1000 series car on the scrap siding just north
of old Croton-on-Hudson station (aka Croton-North in later days).  I have a
photo of it that I took from a Hudson Line train that I'll try to put on the
computer so all of us on the mailing list can see what we are talking about if
they haven't seen the car.  There are two stainless steel long distance
coaches coupled to each side of it.  It's on the east side of the former NYC

I e-mailed the National Museum New York Central Museum about them possibly
preserving the car.  If  a lot of us can show that there is large railfan
support for preserving the car by e-mailing them and writing to them about it,
we just may be able to get this historic peice of equipment preserved.  We
need to show them that there is a demand to preserve the car.  Are there any
Metro-North RR employees on this mailing list?  If there are, maybe they can
see if they can get the MTA and the MNRR to take the car off that track.  I
recall seeing ancient shells of coaches and interesting equipment  still in PC
paint on that track that would jave made very nice museum peices.  All the
cars but a train of self propelled SPV-2000's are gone.  There are two choices
we have, the New York Central Museum and the Danbury (Connecticut) Railway
Museum which has some former NH RDC's that the MNRR and Penn Central used.

John Weyhausen

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