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Re: PC: Re: PC MU's

>Yes the old heavyweight NYC MU's did make it into PC and renumbered 
>as 1200's. Many were even repainted PC Green with white logos.
>All the 4500 series St. Louis MU's made it into PC and last surviver 
>was Car 1037 a private parlor car used with the 1100 series trains, 
>later replaced by Ex-rebuilt Put Coach 97 made as an MU trailer. 
>MNR has one St. Louis MU left, 1077 rebuilt by them in combine 
>configuration with the baggage type door used for MOW equipment. It 
>is usually at Harmon

Everyone is talking about 1077...I am at Harmon almost every day and have never seen it.  If someone could pass me info such as the last time the spotted it, and where I would appreciate it, as in late July I will be in the yard...  Someone said it was on the "loading dock" and there are three loading dock tracks on the south end...I checked my pics from april 1997, and all three were empty, and as of today (6/20/98), two contain dark blue box cars, and the other had a flatcar half a car lenth past the loading dock.'

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