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PC: Exciting News about the PC MU's

Hello all,

I am a member of the New York Division Electric Railroaders Association, and on August 1, 1998 we will be having a fan trip on the 1100's!  The ticket price is $45 per person.  These cars are the best thing left on Metro North's system, and will be gone soon when the MTA orders the new M-7 single unit metropolitan MU cars.  Anyone who wants more info on the trip, please feel free to e-mail me at metronorth1100 -AT- hotmail.com.  The flyer and ticket ordering info is available on-line at http://members.aol.com/rob110178/era/events/acmu1aug.html

I hope to see some of you on board...

Happy Rail-fanning,
Josh Weis


Danbury Railway Museum:

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