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PC: Re: PC MU's

The 1950 St Louis Car MUs did make it to PC. They became the 1000 
series MUs. I rode in the cab of one sometime around 1973 or 1974. 
Not sure when they were retired, but at least one made it to MTA blue 
& silver. It was refurbished and used as a private car. A group paid 
the railroad extra money to run the car on particular trains, the 
general public was not allowed in.

The 1962 cars became the 1100 series cars. Many survive today, though 
heavily rebuilt. I understand they are in permanent sets, and the 
traps are welded shut.

Peter King in NY
>Additionally, does anyone know if any of the NYC's MU's from the 
1950 St.
>Louis Car Co. order (which numbered a fleet of 100 cars) made it 
into the PC
>years?  Were they retired in 1972 when the new M-1's started showing 
up, or
>did they last longer?


>John W.

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