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PC: Re: PC MU's -Reply

John W wrote:


Additionally, does anyone know if any of the NYC's MU's from the 1950
St. Louis Car Co. order (which numbered a fleet of 100 cars) made it into
the PC years?  Were they retired in 1972 when the new M-1's started
showing up, or did they last longer?

     Many made it to the PC merger.  I remember my parents taking me to
the station at Hartsdale, NY and watching them during the evening rush. 
Many made it to full PC green.  I was very young so I did not realize the
difference in window size between the first and second order of cars
(the primary spotting feature) but do remember the difference in
headlights.  First order (50-51) had single bulb and subsequent orders
had twin sealed beam.   Never saw any on the first order (50-51)
painted into silver and blue of MNCR.  Some were stored at Croton-North
station into the mid-eighties before they were scrapped.  One was
converted into a supply car for MOW forces and was almost always
keps on the south side of the Harmon Shops along the loading dock.  It
was painted blue and had a loading door much like a baggage door cut
into each side.  I never saw it out on the road, by I do know it was
moved occasionally.    

Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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