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Re: PC: Re: PC MU's

At 12:19 PM 6/19/98 EDT, penn-central -AT- smellycat.com wrote:
>Additionally, does anyone know if any of the NYC's MU's from the 1950 St.
>Louis Car Co. order (which numbered a fleet of 100 cars) made it into the PC
>years?  Were they retired in 1972 when the new M-1's started showing up, or
>did they last longer?
>John W.


   I can vouch for the second item (St. Louis Car Co.) as I saw one in PC 
livery at an Ashtabula, Ohio scrapyard around 1974-'75. I was sans camera 
that day, and when I got back there again it was gone. Can't help you on the 
deck roof units, though.

Bob Rothrock

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