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PC: PC in NJ and CT (and the last word on UK)


I'm not trying to chew anyone out over this UK stuff. I might have sounded
a little grumpy because it was at 3 AM that I sent that out and I haven't
slept much because of this silly conference I'm at. I just don't want to
see it get out of hand, that's all.

ObPC: Does anyone know of any visible PC reminders (slanted station sign
boards, old signs, buildings from the era, etc.) along any of the former
PC routes in Connecticut or northern New Jersey? I'm trying to plan for
a possible trip this fall.

And to show I'm not such a bad guy: One of the more recent issues of Trains
magazine has a good article about current rail operations in the UK after
the Wisconsin Central buyout. It was the issue with picture of Cleveland
on the cover. And that's the last I'll say about it... :-)


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