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Re: PC: Handling Freight in Britain -Reply

To all:

Pardon me. I am chastised, but as was pointed out several days ago, it is your list, Jerry. The UK goes to E-mail.

Nevertheless, I can't resist the philosophical question: If a Conrail guy in Philadelphia asks PC fans a question about something that we might know about due to our general interest in railroads and the sense of camaraderie created by this list, is it really so much more troubling to read one or two messages about it than to, say, read about the details on a 1/87 boxcar if you're not an HO modeler? Is railroad reality (whether it's in the UK or on the NYC) as discussed by PC fans less relevant than tips for creating HO scale leaves on your diesel radiators?

I did apologize for the tangent at the end of my message. I just thought someone might be interested, and though I understand the need for a PC list to be about PC, it seems to me that it IS that by virtue of us being a group of PC fans with all our quirks and differences. Most of what we write is going to be about PC. Still, I've found discussions about the Pennsy and the NYC to be interesting, as well as recent discussions about the long-hood forward deal, which also haven't been totally PC related. I guess I resist the idea that there seems to be limits on what we can say. Once again, sorry, and I hope you'll all forgive me.

P.S. Saw a video on Lionel last night. Did you know that when Lionel came out with their first NYC Hudson, a model railroader counted the rivets on the Lionel tender and the real thing and found that Lionel was three rivets off. The company ignored the complaint.

PPS: To those interested in boxcar ends, radiator leaves -- and even rivet counting, please do not be offended. I use these as examples only, and I actually found the leaf-painting idea to be pretty interesting. I'm just trying to say there should be room for all of us. I don't think there's any danger of the worms getting squashed!

At 12:54 AM 6/19/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Adrian Telizyn wrote:
>> PS: I thought this was a PC list, not a BR list.
>Exactly what I was thinking. This one is farther off-topic
>than NYC Niagaras. Since it is unrelated to this list, this
>thread is now closed. Please take any followups to this to
>private e-mail. Thanks.

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