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Re: PC: Re: PC & Conrail

As Christian Axsiom states in his replay that the Usually Parked 
Railraod has slowed down the merger movement my only comment is that 
it could not happen to a better buch of guys. The UP brought this 
upon themselfs with there hollyer then thou attitude.  One traffic 
manager of a large steel production company that before all the 
mergers was served by the BN, ATSF and DRGW told me that the UP sales 
people came into his office after they took over the SP and told him 
that these are the rates, this is the level of service he would get 
and if he did not like it ship it some other way. 
     Also had a former DRGW/SP trainmaster tell me that a bunch of UP 
officals came to his yard to look it over and told him in so many 
words that they had rescued the SP from bankruptacy so he and rest of 
the SP people surely did not know how to run the railroad and any 
suggestions he had on how to improve things he could keep to himself. 
Like I said the mess in Texas could not have happened to a nicer 
bucnch of guys who brought it upon themselfs. Just a shame it has 
reflected upon the rest of us in a bad light in the press, internet, 
Congress, etc. 

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