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Re: PC: Handling Freight in Britain

You may have already tried this, but I did a metacrawler
[(www.tasc.ac.uk/depart/Media/metac.htm) or (www.metacrawler.com)] web
search under the terms freight/railways/Britain and got quite a few hits.
As well as the recent Trains article, I would suggest finding a magazine
store that handles British magazines.  That would be your best bet.  I also
have a book that came out just prior to privatisation that basically
presents arguments for not breaking up British Rail.  It deals mostly with
passenger stuff, but it's still interesting.

Of course, I'm at the office right now, and all my British rail stuff is at
home.  I'll try to check on titles/authors and such and get back with you.
I was in the UK last summer, and my wife and I travelled extensively by
rail -- east and west coasts/ London to Cornwall/ Cumbria/ North Yorkshire/
etc.  Everything from diesel cars on lightly travelled lines to Inter-City
trains at over 100 mph -- even some restored narrow gauge!  The
controversey over privatisation was still very much in the air -- newspaper
columns, magazines, books, etc.  The really neat thing is that in the UK,
you can go into the newsagent (newstand) right off the platform and find
railfan and model railroad magazines and books.  There's just so much more
interest, it would seem.  My personal take was that EWS is doing GREAT
things for freight in Britain, but I was on some very crowded passenger
trains and many locals seemed to blame growing crowds on corporate
operators trying to squeeze out profits.  Nevertheless, being too young to
remember proper passenger service in the U.S., I was in awe of how great
the system remains in the UK.  With our rail passes, it seemed we could
just go anywhere at practically any time.  If no seats were available, we
just sat in the carpeted vestibule.  I'm hoping to go back next summer (my
wife has family there), and I can't wait.  The UK is a railfan paradise --
as long as you don't miss SD40-2s too much. 

Anyway, PC fans, please pardon this tangent, and, Mike, I'll try to find
some more info for you.


At 09:35 AM 6/18/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I am looking for information, particularly suggested reading
>material, i.e., books, periodicals, newspaper articles,
>journals or white papers, regarding:
>-privitization of rail freight traffic handling in Britain
>-freight operations in Britain vis-a-vis passenger operations
>-recent acquisitions by the Wisconsin Central of freight
> lines in Britain
>-similar topics regarding rail freight operations in the U.K.
>Thanks in advance!
>Mike Scheuermann
>Conrail - Philadelphia

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