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Re: PC: Re: PC Mt. Kisco station sign

Does anyone in the New York area know if PC ever had station signs like the
Mount Kisco one at any of the commuter stations such as those at the old PRR,
NYC, or NH commuter stations they used?  I know that there is one at
Pleasantville, NY two stops and about 8 miles south of Mt. Kisco on the old
PC, NYC Harlem Line.  

On that one, the PC green background has been painted over with ugly brown
paint, but that paint is now peeling off and the PC green is showing through
again.  The brown paint the Metro-North RR put on the inside of the passenger
over pass above the tracks there at Pleasantville is also peeling off, and you
can now see the either PC or NYC green paint showing through there.  I'm not
exactly sure if it's PC paint under that brown paint though.  The overpass was
built in 1959 when the tracks through small country like although suburban
Pleasantville were out through a cut to eliminate two grade crossings, one
right next to but north of the station and the other crossing which was just
south of the station.  Both were busy main streets that go directly through
the village, so NYC lowered the tracks. They moved the station building east
of the tracks a little to the south and built a crosswalk next to the station
(which is still at street level) over the tracks for passengers with a
stairway leading down to the platform. 

Well that's when the passenger crosswalk above the tracks was built.  I know
NYC boxcars were painted that light green in later years that is similar if
not the same as the PC paint scheme.  So either NYC painted the overpass light
green or PC did.  Does anyone know the answer? 

BTW, is anyone familier with Bronxville, NY?  The old PC tracks that go
through there were once 3 tracks but now only 2.  The Metro-North RR wants to
re-install the third track.  However the rich NIMBY's in yuppie filled
Bronxville don't want it.  Does anyone remember seeing the three tracks going
through Bronxville, NY?

John Weyhausen  

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