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PC: Details West PC 50' Boxcar -Reply

Ed wrote:

>>> <ebulman -AT- bidmc.harvard.edu> 06/16/98 08:31am >>>
Can anyone tell me if this is an accurate representation of an actual
freight car (paint, markings, etc)? Would be interested in one if it was.


Do you mean the DW 700 series car in green?  It's a good class X73
car, except it should have a double rows of rivets along the sides.
The Walthers car has the rivets, but also has molded on ladders, etc.
I built a Details West X73 before the Walthers car was released.
The double row of rivets are distinctive, so today I would seriously
consider using the Walthers car as a starting point.  I don't have the
factory painted DW car, but I remember it being pretty accurate.

BTW, both the DW 700 and 800 series 50' plug door cars make good
Fruit Growers Express cars with PC reporting marks.


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