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Re: PC: Re: PC Mt. Kisco station sign

I know what you are talking about

I was at CP SLOPE in Altoona PA back in May.  On the interlocking control
shack there is a sign in the standeard CR Blue Back ground with white
letters bolted to the side of the structure, but if you look close enuff
under that is a wood sign with a Green background and a white border
around it,  I can only imagine that that is the PC sign for SLOPE.  THe
new building at the RR Memorial Museum was not open so we checked out the
"old" building.  Inside the display area was a PC-Style Lettered sign with
a green background that said ALTOONA on it so I figure that was the
Altoona Station sign from PC days

On Tue, 16 Jun 1998 Mester123 -AT- aol.com wrote:

> I while back I had posted something about a PC station sign still existing at
> the former PC Mount Kisco, New York station.  It was a station sign with a PC
> green background and white letters that were slanted like "PENN CENTRAL" was
> on many PC things.  
> Well, the station is scheduled to be restored soon, and the first step before
> restoration begins, is removing the lead paint from the building, which is
> being done now.  The PC station sign and the ancient wooden station sign above
> the agents bay window, have both been taken off the building while the work is
> being done.  So just to let PC fans who are in the vicinity of the old
> "Metropolitan Region" of the Penn Central, the sign IS NOT on the station at
> the present time.  I never got to get a photo of it, so I hope they're going
> to put the sign back when the restoration is done.  
> If and when the PC sign is put back, I'll get a photo of the sign and send it
> to the PC web site so everyone will understand what I'm talking about!
> John W. 

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