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Re: NYC list (was Re: PC: Albany's Union Station)

The National NYC Museum has a webpage and it's link (along with a link to
Jerry's   PC page) can be found at http://nyc.railfan.net/

The Museum is in the process of moving their fairly extensive page over to
railfan.net as well.  So the NYC fans dont feel left out I for one am a fan
of the "Water Level Route"

At 08:11 6/13/98 +0000, Roger P. Hensley wrote:
>> From:          Mester123 -AT- aol.com
>> Date:          Fri, 12 Jun 1998 21:38:22 EDT
>> To:            penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
>> Subject:       Re: PC: Albany's Union Station
>> There are obviously NYC fans on this mailing list (I make one at least if
>> there aren't any others which I highly doubt!).  Too bad we NYC fans don't
>> have a NYC web site like this PC one with a mailing list and all.  That
way we
>> would all be able to communicate about NYC things.  
>	Two of us. :-)  And since the NYC was a PC predecessor,
>	I would ASSume that we could bring up the subject. I doubt
>	if two of us would overwhelm the list, especially as I am in
>	Indiana and you are probably several states away.
>> Does anyone know why there is just about nothing on the web about the
NYC and
>> a ton of stuff on the Pennsy?  Does anyone out there know if the New York
>> Central System Historical Society has a web site?
>	As was mentioned, there is a independent NYC web site
>	and I also have NYC information on my web site as the
>	Central was a big player here in my county. As to why there
>	is more Pennsy stuff, they obviously had a better PR department.
>	Look at all of the calendar art as just one example. IMO the 
>	Central spent more time running a railroad that was actually a
>	'system' of several railroads such as the 'Big Four' through
>	Indiana and Ohio. This kept everyone working hard for a
>	living and competing with the Pennsy and all of the other
>	eastern railroads. The Pennsy was much more closely held
>	with headquarters in Pennsylvania and was more 'image' 
>	conscious than the 'Central' and absorbed their subsidiaries
>	more completely. Just a guess on my part. I'm sure there are 
>	others here who would willingly disagree. :-)
>	As to the 'Central', for a little while, the NYC reporting
>	marks live again on cars that CR has been repainting. The
>	ones going to CSX now carry NYC reporting marks with
>	the CR herald in the upper right corner of the car. A group
>	of 70 ton hoppers came through here on a coal train the other
>	day carrying the NYC marks.
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