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PC: NYC info on this PC Board

In regards to New York Central or Pennsy stuff discussed here:

Since the Penn Central is the product of a merger and carried over the
equipment of the previous rr's I would think that any discussion of modern NYC
or PRR information would be relevant.  As a matter of fact I posted a querry
this morning about the NYC GP-20.

To me a question about a post WW2 NYC or PRR or NH subject would be relevent
to Penn Central modellers since most diesels and bldgs lasted past 2/1/1968.

I think a discussion about a Mohawk or Hudson wouldn't be in line for this
board, but most diesels would be relevant.

In addition, these borderline questions sometimes do end up increasing my
interests in another area.  Sometimes a discussion about a ATSF item will help
a PC modeller.

Keep on tracking.
A. Olsen

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