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PC: Re: NYC Boxcar Ends

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From: Jim Homoki <JHOMOKI -AT- mbakercorp.com>
To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com <penn-central@smellycat.com>
Date: Sunday, June 14, 1998 9:14 AM
Subject: PC: NYC Boxcar Ends

>The modelling of PRR boxcars in HO has been well documented
>over the years, but I have very little on the NYC cars, especially
>the Despatch Shops cars with their distinctive end pattern.  The
>great photos in the PC color guide are prompting me to model more
>NYC built cars in  PC paint.  Does anybody know of a model that
>has this end style?  Is there an end that is close that can be

I've heard that Branchline might offer their upcoming 50' boxcar with the
Despatch ends and roof.  Not confirmed at this time and may not be offered
initially when the kit is released, but at a later date.  It sure would be
nice if they did.

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario
TRLINK -AT- netcom.ca

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