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PC: Misc items

A couple of quick things:

1. Prozac (the list and web server) took a hit yesterday afternoon.
It's doing better now, but if it coughs up any hairballs to the list,
please be patient. Thanks.

2. Is everybody out railfanning lately, or has the PC Historical
Society idea run out of steam? It was going non-stop for two weeks,
then all of a sudden, BOOM! it stopped. You all still in on this?

3. I made a minor update to the web site tonight--I had updated the 
cabins and cabooses page on my PC at home and I had thought I had
replicated the changes to the web server. Well, I hadn't, so I took
care of that tonight. Next big update--probably not for another
couple of weeks. Too much to do.....

4. NYC rumblings: I don't mind the occasional NYC thread once in a
great while, as long as it relates somewhat to the PC or the premerger
times and doesn't get out of hand. 

5. The STB made it official: Conrail will be history. Looks like the
PC will become a second-generation fallen flag....


Jerry W. Jordak              "You know, you always see these really
mailto:jer@smellycat.com      beautiful women with these really
http://prozac.cwru.edu/jer/   nothing guys? You could be one of those
Acts 16:31   <><              guys." Phoebe to Chandler, "Friends"

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