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NYC list (was Re: PC: Albany's Union Station)

> From:          Mester123 -AT- aol.com
> Date:          Fri, 12 Jun 1998 21:38:22 EDT
> To:            penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject:       Re: PC: Albany's Union Station

> There are obviously NYC fans on this mailing list (I make one at least if
> there aren't any others which I highly doubt!).  Too bad we NYC fans don't
> have a NYC web site like this PC one with a mailing list and all.  That way we
> would all be able to communicate about NYC things.  

	Two of us. :-)  And since the NYC was a PC predecessor,
	I would ASSume that we could bring up the subject. I doubt
	if two of us would overwhelm the list, especially as I am in
	Indiana and you are probably several states away.

> Does anyone know why there is just about nothing on the web about the NYC and
> a ton of stuff on the Pennsy?  Does anyone out there know if the New York
> Central System Historical Society has a web site?

	As was mentioned, there is a independent NYC web site
	and I also have NYC information on my web site as the
	Central was a big player here in my county. As to why there
	is more Pennsy stuff, they obviously had a better PR department.
	Look at all of the calendar art as just one example. IMO the 
	Central spent more time running a railroad that was actually a
	'system' of several railroads such as the 'Big Four' through
	Indiana and Ohio. This kept everyone working hard for a
	living and competing with the Pennsy and all of the other
	eastern railroads. The Pennsy was much more closely held
	with headquarters in Pennsylvania and was more 'image' 
	conscious than the 'Central' and absorbed their subsidiaries
	more completely. Just a guess on my part. I'm sure there are 
	others here who would willingly disagree. :-)

	As to the 'Central', for a little while, the NYC reporting
	marks live again on cars that CR has been repainting. The
	ones going to CSX now carry NYC reporting marks with
	the CR herald in the upper right corner of the car. A group
	of 70 ton hoppers came through here on a coal train the other
	day carrying the NYC marks.


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