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PC: unknown mailer

Can someone give me advice?  Last month I tried to respond to a member
with the e-=mail address:
     robert.holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov
What part of the above is the genuine address and what part is
He was asking about copies of Rails Northeast magazines.

By the way, trains ARE fun, but I erased the letter of ridicule and now
I can't respond to it.  I was a member for ten years of model rr club
located in a 4th floor walkup.  Going up there was like going into the
clouds for several hours, and coming down was coming back to reality at
the street level!

The PC meet:
Why not call a meeting at a diner somewhere, and those that can attend,
come.  The idea of shifting around sounds good, because sooner of later
it will come close to home for most.

If someone or maybe robert holzweiss himself can answere, I'd appreciate
it muchly. Al Olsen ao2 -AT- earthlink.net

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