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PC: Central Meeting Place

I'm a member of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Historical Society.
The society has an annual convention, but it is not at a central
location. The convention is in a different city each year; the cities are
ones that had significant L&N operations. Having a floating meeting space
has two benefits:
(1) Casual members can attend a meeting at least once every two or three
years without travelling long distances, if they live in the L&N
(2) Serious members get to see something new from year to year since most
conventions usually include an excursion at a nearby railroad and/or a
tour of a CSX/ex-L&N facility.
(I guess a third benefit of moving the meeting space is eventually you'll
get a location that the rest of the family can't object to going to if
the convention is added to the family vacation.)
With the wealth of museums and good Amtrak service in much of the Penn
Central territory there are plenty of great meeting locations.
Bryan Turner

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