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Re: PC: Centralized meeting place.

In a message dated 98-05-30 20:06:35 EDT, jer -AT- smellycat.com writes:

<< With people on this list from New York to Ohio to Colorado and
 even Ft. St. John, BC, we're never going to find a place that suits
 everybody. Even if we did somehow agree on a place, I'm not sure how
 many people you would get to attend, simply because of either distance
 or family or other commitments. >>

It does seem that we are quite widely scattered, and obviously it will be
impossible to select one site anywhere that everyone will be able to attend
(just as no one date will be good for everyone).    We probably can't even get
5 people to submit the same choice of "centralized" place.    So here's an
alternative suggestion, humbly submitted for your consideration:

If we are to meet in person, which is probably the best way to at least start
off, I'd think, perhaps the thing to do is to use the various locations people
have suggested to create a short list of potential sites, say 3 to 5 cities,
deliberately in different parts of the country  - and then see which site on
that list scores the most votes - and go with that choice.  

No matter how we slice it, a number of folks won't be able to make it, but at
least the largest number will be accomodated that way. 

Whaddaya think?

Ned S.

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