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Re: PC: Re: Centralized meeting place.

Bill K wrote:
> Hmm.  maybe some thought should be given to meeting in a dedicated chat,
> since everyone is so widely scattered?  Wether ICQ or MIRC or what would
> work best, it's another option to consider...

Gee.....I thought that I had said that earlier this week.... :-) That's
why I proposed creating the second mailing list to use for that
purpose. With people on this list from New York to Ohio to Colorado and
even Ft. St. John, BC, we're never going to find a place that suits
everybody. Even if we did somehow agree on a place, I'm not sure how
many people you would get to attend, simply because of either distance
or family or other commitments.

I can't do it right away, but I could investigate the possibility of
seeing if I can add a chat room to my web server that we could use.
More on that later....

However, since I'm pretty swamped with stuff, I'm going to hold off on
creating the second mailing list for now. Use this list for the time
being to discuss PCHS matters, although if everything else gets
drowned out or I start getting complaints, we will have to move PCHS
discussions to their own list. 

Also, I can create page on my web server for holding texts of documents
or scans of papers that will invariably get created during the process
of forming a society.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled discussions.....


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