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PC: PRR 5898, the followup

     In reply to my post about PRR 5898, I received the following

->>>From: "Andrew C. Toppan" <actoppan -AT- gwi.net>
PRR 5898 is one of the two E8As which became quite famous running on
the Blue Mountain & Reading in the 1980's.  That PRR paint is NOT
original - the unit went through PC and Amtrak hands before being
restored to PRR colors.  In recent years the units have been in
private hands, stored in Pennsylvania somewheres.

->>>From: "Don R. Millbranth" <drmdrm -AT- mail.netnitco.net>
The following was posted to the PRR -talk list on the 20th of May by
Jim & Carol Raffa and Jim gave the following routing at that time. It
is on its' way to MO somewhere.. : It's route is

->>>From: Kevin Burkholder <KBurkholder -AT- psghs.edu>
The unit is going to Missouri to the St. Louis Iron Mountain Rail-road
or way.  Unit is carrying the reporting marks SLIM 5898 but still
carries the PRR paint.  Came from the Reading & Northern.  Full
details of the transaction were posted in Eastern Railroad News about
two weeks ago.

Thanks for the update on the units whereabouts, as it got "stuck" in
Enola for almost a week.

     And thanks to all of these and more who were kind enough to
     fill me in on some of the background on this unit.  :-)


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