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Re: PC: Re: Centralized meeting place.

hmm.  if you want to get that technical...  everyone is already here!

Bill's Syracuse rail page 

: From: Jerry Jordak <jer -AT- smellycat.com>
: To: Penn Central Mailing List <penn-central -AT- smellycat.com>
: Subject: Re: PC: Re: Centralized meeting place.
: Date: Saturday, May 30, 1998 8:08 PM
: Bill K wrote:
: > Hmm.  maybe some thought should be given to meeting in a dedicated
: > since everyone is so widely scattered?  Wether ICQ or MIRC or what
: > work best, it's another option to consider...
: Gee.....I thought that I had said that earlier this week.... :-) That's
: why I proposed creating the second mailing list to use for that
: purpose. With people on this list from New York to Ohio to Colorado and
: even Ft. St. John, BC, we're never going to find a place that suits
: everybody. Even if we did somehow agree on a place, I'm not sure how
: many people you would get to attend, simply because of either distance
: or family or other commitments.
: I can't do it right away, but I could investigate the possibility of
: seeing if I can add a chat room to my web server that we could use.
: More on that later....
: However, since I'm pretty swamped with stuff, I'm going to hold off on
: creating the second mailing list for now. Use this list for the time
: being to discuss PCHS matters, although if everything else gets
: drowned out or I start getting complaints, we will have to move PCHS
: discussions to their own list. 

: Later,
: -Jer
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