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Well ... my life seems to keep busier and busier -- especially since I
started my thesis ... Oh well.

As it says below in my signature line, I live in Syracuse, NY.  Ergo,
selfishly, I would suggest Syracuse, home of DeWitt Shops and this years
NRHS convention.  Still, I'm sure other people have great suggestions, and
I don't want to be selfish, so I would vote for any central location in the
PC sphere of influence.  The suggestion of Albany certainly sounded good.
As far as time, the summer is by far the best for me, as I have the most
flexibility in taking a few days off.


At 09:26 AM 5/28/98 -0400, Jim Hebner wrote:
>Part of me wants to take off and do this thing, but then I remember that the
>PCHS is not my society but ours. That means a meeting to gather the best
>from all of us. 
 To help pick a meeting site, please let
>the group know ( only if you want to come to this meeting ) where you live,
>what is your idea of a good meeting city, and good or bad dates


Christian Axsiom
Geography Department
Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
Syracuse University
048 Eggers Hall
Syracuse, NY  13244
(315) 443-9294

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