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PC: Re: PCHS UPDATE #2 - IRS filing

I was thinking along the same lines! 

Sounds like another topic for the meeting adgenda! Before we meet I will try
to clarify what the fees are are for (lawyer or IRS) and best guess on real
cost with a extra fudge factor

> Hello Jim, A lot of societies have "charter" subscriptions. Maybe the IRS
> fee could be split among folks willing to set this thing up. We might be
> underestimating the number of PC folks out there to defray the intitial
> cost. I believe I read that Jerry  was going to tabulate the PC group. We
> might find out that the intitial IRS filing fee could be easily split among
> us.
> My vote is to keep going!
> Mike Rossi      MFROSSI -AT- worldnet.att.net

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