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Part of me wants to take off and do this thing, but then I remember that the
PCHS is not my society but ours. That means a meeting to gather the best ideas
from all of us. 

The idea of a meeting has been kicked around for a while - and I think it is
time to plan it. I will work out the arrangements and may recruit others if
they live in or near the city we pick. To help pick a meeting site, please let
the group know ( only if you want to come to this meeting ) where you live,
what is your idea of a good meeting city, and good or bad dates

My personal goal is to be as central as possible, and find an inexpensive
place to meet.

Possible agenda for this first meeting of the PCHS

Review by-laws of other societies and create our own. 
	(I have contacted about 20 societies and will have copies for us to look at) 
Review of options of states to charter in ( I will bring Ohio information )
Review what the IRS wants/needs to grant non profit status
Perhaps select/elect people to sign the initial paperwork
Discussion of publication - Who? articles, photos, cost, columns, how much
color, how often
Discussion of other fundraisers

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