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PC: Re: Historical Society - take II

Hi!  From my own point of view, DC is a bit too far south to get together. 
Could be done, but would NOT be convenient.  any other ideas closer to the
NY Metro area?

MFROSSI -AT- worldnet.net.att

> From: price <eprice -AT- skantech.com>
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: PC: Historical Society
> Date: Tuesday, May 26, 1998 9:09 PM
> I think an informal meeting in person to discuss this formation would be
> good idea.  Perhaps we can come up with a centalized meeting place for
>  Last time we talked about this the DC area was looking good.  Who would
> like to attend such a meeting?
>                                                        Ed

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