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Who does this *really* belong to???


In my wanderings around this country, I have photographed many things.
Here's one that almost defies explanation.  If you would be so kind, could
you create a temporary page on the PC site where we could display these two
images for discussion on the mailing list?

I'll let you in on what I know, but don't tell anyone else, or put this
info on the page.  I found this rail cart between Cheyenne and Laramie
Wyoming last summer.  It has "PC" numbers on it!  The speeder next to the
cart had a Wyoming license plate that I airbrushed out using Photoshop.
Unfortunately, the scenery is unmistakeble Wyoming, so a few people may
pick up on the non-northeast locale..

I have a hard time believing that UP maintains a hunk of Penn Central
equipment.  However, if someone more knowledgable about MOW stuff can
actually pinpoint this to a real PC number, then I'll be shocked!

There are two images that will follow.  Let me know when the page is set
up, and I'll fire off the discussion on the mailing list.



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