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PC: PCHS Mailing List

Hello all listers,

This is to let you know that I am going to create a PC Historical
Society mailing list by the end of the week (hopefully). Here are
the reasons and purposes for doing so:

* It will provide a place for those interested working on creating a
society to communicate freely and easily. This would eliminate the
need for meetings, which can be costly for those traveling, and with
the summer coming up, people are busy are setting aside time for
meetings like this can be tough. I don't think we'll ever find a time
or place to get everyone together, so why not use the technology we
have available as the next best thing?

* Secondly, it will keep excess traffic off of the existing PC Mailing
List. I'm sure that some of the listers are interested in joining the
society when it gets formed, but don't have the time or interest in
helping to form it, and I'm sure there are some listers who are not
interested in joining a society. I can understand that, as we all have
varying interests and free time. I want to keep this list as a place
to discuss things about the Penn Central as a whole, and I don't want
to scare away people if the list turns into a discussion group for the
founders of the society. This is not the place to be sending out draft
copies of bylaws for review, for example.

* Anyone and everyone is invited to subscribe to the PCHS list, whether
you are an active participant in the founding process or just want to
keep tabs on events as they develop. The PCHS list will be more of a
"workgroup" list, pertaining directly to the requirements of forming
the Society, but anyone is invited to subscribe.

* This won't mean that the efforts of creating the Society will be
hidden or in the dark for members of this list. I will make sure that
Jim, myself, or someone sends updates to this list on a biweekly or
weekly basis, so that listers not on the PCHS list can keep up with
what's going on, without receiving tons of e-mail. In addition, I will
volunteer to post Society updates to the PC Railroad Home Page web

I hope this satisfies the concerns of most people, as I know I can't
please everyone. However, I feel that I must do this in order to
preserve what we have currently on this list--an open, friendly forum
to discuss topics pertaining to our favorite fallen flag. If you have
any questions about this, please mail me off-list at jer -AT- smellycat.com.
(That means you have to change the To: address in your message in your
mail program, as posts to the list automatically default to replying
to the list.)

I will send a message to the list to let you all know when the new list
is ready.


Jerry W. Jordak              "You know, you always see these really
mailto:jer@smellycat.com      beautiful women with these really
http://prozac.cwru.edu/jer/   nothing guys? You could be one of those
Acts 16:31   <><              guys." Phoebe to Chandler, "Friends"

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