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Hi!  While driving with the family along route 20 in Millbury, MA, I
noticed a PC trailer spotted for loading at a factory on the south side
just behind a MOBIL gas station and next to  a Nudie club. the trailer had
the full green PC logo and  origianl (?) markings. As I said, the "gang"
was with me so I couldn't stop and write down the trailer number. This
being a holiday weekend, the trailer will probably not move over the long

Kind'a nice to see the big worm again.

Mike Rossi     MFROSSI -AT- worldnet.att.net

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> Date: Sunday, May 24, 1998 12:42 PM
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> Did you get photos of these cars Jerry?
> Bob Stafford
> While the band Split Enz might have performed a song called "History
> Never Repeats", I saw today firsthand that it does......at least in
> terms of the Penn Central:
> West of Huron, OH, on the Conrail Chicago Line, I photographed an
> old green Penn Central gondola heading east on train ELPI-3B. The
> reporting marks and number: NYC 598014. I also saw a number of
> Conrail high-cube boxcars, coil steel cars, and hoppers relettered NYC,
> but this was the first car in PC paint that I've seen relettered. What
> comes around, goes around....
> BTW, has anyone seen any Conrail cars relettered PRR? Supposedly, they
> were doing that too, but I haven't seen any yet. I did see last week
> by Cleveland Hopkins Airport PRR 260091, a Pennsy H42A covered hopper
> car in clean, original PRR paint. Next to it was EL 21354, a two-bay
> Center Flow covered hopper in mint original paint. You gotta love it....
> Later,
> -Jer
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