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PC: Re: PC Station signs


I just want to report that I recently noticed PC station signs at two former
Penn Central, former New York Central stations along the former PC Harlem
Division.  One is located at Pleasantville, New York on the west entrance to
the the crosswalk above the tracks (which were put in a cut through the
village to eliminate 2 grade crossings in 1959) that leads to the station
building on the other side. The lettering on the sign reads "PLEASANTVILLE" of
course, but is in the same style that "PENN CENTRAL" was written on anything
related to PC.  Brown paint was painted around the lettering covering up the
green PC paint used in the background, but the brown paint is now chipping, so
the PC green is somewhat visible again.

The other PC station sign is two stops and 6.10 miles north (railroad west)
also on the Harlem Line at Mount Kisco, New York.  There, the sign is exactly
like the one at Pleasantville, but reads "MOUNT KISCO" of course.  The one at
Mount Kisco is located on the north side of the former NYC, former PC station
building and the sign there still has PC green as the background.  Also of
interest, the Mount Kisco station still has PC green paint applied to the
edges at the beginning of the roof all around the building.  Additionally of
interest to New York Central System fans, there is an ancient, wooden, station
sign on the trackside of the station which is today used by the Metro-North
Railroad.  It has lettered on it "MOUNT KISCO" in white letters with a black
background, and on the left side the mileage north to Chatham, New York from
Mount Kisco, and on the right, the number of miles from Grand Central Terminal
Mount Kisco is.  The interesting part about this is that the former PC Harlem
Line between Wassaic, New York and Chatham, New York was torn up in two
segments between 1980 and 1982.  The Metro-North RR has obviously laft the
sign there for old time sake.  There is also a New York Central era blue and
yellow lettering station sign at Mount Kisco as well as similar NYC station
signs from that era at the former NYC Harlem Division stations at Scarsdale,
New York, Valhalla, New York, and Chappaqua, New York.

Does anyone know if there were ever these type of PC station signs at any
other stations on the Harlem or Hudson Lines of the PC Metropolitan Region?

John W.

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