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Re: PC: Re: PC trucking company

Mester123 wrote:
> The other day I saw a truck in White Plains, New York that had on each side of
> it "NEW PENN". I suspect that this must be from the New Penn Trucking Co. At
> any rate, the lettering was in that Penn Central mint green color that PC
> used. The cab of the truck was also painted that color. Even more interesting,
> the lettering, "NEW PENN" was written the same way "PENN CENTRAL" had been
> written on trains and corporate papers of the Penn Central. Does anyone know
> if the Penn Central Co. ever owned this company. I suspect that they must have
> owned it at one time or another, because it was so ironic to see that color
> and that name all in one.
> If anyone knows anything about this, I'd be grateful if you could help me out!
> John Weyhausen

To my knowledge New Penn has never had anything to do with  PC.  It is a dist'n and
warehousing co.  Pennsylvania Trick Lines (PTL) was the former PC and Conrail owned
trucking co.  It was spun off by CR as a private co. about 6-7 years ago largely in
response to allegations of anti-trust over giving their carrier (PTL) special
preference and privlidged information to give it an edge over other drayage

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