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Re: PC: Re: PC Putnam Division line -Reply

Robert Holzweiss wrote:

>  The Put's bridge over the road at that same spot still
> read New York Central until the 1990's.

It must have been painted over then, but now the paint is chipping and the "New
York Central" is again visible.

> I never did see a train come all
> the way to Eastview but I did see Penn Central trains crossing the main
> drag in Elmsford when delivering cars to the A&P warehouse.

Was there a bridge across 119 in Elmsford, or was it a grade crossing?

> I also
> remember driving down the Saw Mill Parkway with my folks and seeing
> freight cars spotted at a plant at Chauncey.  South of Chauncey the
> tracks were hard to follow.

Where exactly is Chauncey?

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