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Re: PC: Re: PC Putnam Division line

If you're interested in this line, next time you drive northbound on the
Saw Mill Parkway, stop at the location where the restaurant used to be on
the parkway north of Ardsley.  There's still a wooden truss bridge left
over from the railroad ROW just south of the parking lot.  If you look
closely you can see it from the parkway while passing by.

Also, contact the Ardsley Historical Society, they have some pretty neat
old photos of the area where the station was before the Thruway was

Bob Zeolla


> Well, I know these things:
> - In later years, the lower half of the line only ran as far as the
> A&P warehouse in Elmsford. Traffic was pretty light, as the warehouse
> was one of the only customers.
> In CR days, there was a line relocation in Yonkers. Not sure of the
> details, but it seemed pretty involved to me. I believe it took out
> some street trackage.
> PC also had some service on the upper part of the line, to a lumber
> yard. Access was from the Harlem line.
> Peter King

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