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PC: Re: PC Putnam Division line

Hello everyone,

I'm just writing to see if any PC fans out there remember anything about the
former New York Central's Putnam Division while it was being run by the Penn
Central.  I already know that the northern half of the "Put" above East View,
New York was torn up by the New York Central in 1963. 

I'm wondering if anyone remembers anything about this line in the PC days.  I
would appreciate any information about the "Put" in those days that anyone
has.  I missed that era and the entire PC era because it was before my time.
I have read the book "The Putnam Division" by Dan Gallo, but it doesn't give
much detailed information about the line after abandonment of passenger
service in 1958.  I'm also wondering what the line was called by PC and the
year it was ultimately abandoned by CR.

I would also appreciate any information if anyone has it, about the Putnam
Division in the early 1950's and before passenger service was discontinued on
Thursday, May 29, 1958 by the New York Central.


John Weyhausen 

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