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PC: An ex-PC H54 in Colorado

Yesterday afternoon, I spotted and photographed an ex PC H54 covered
hopper.  Still in PC green, but with the name and logo painted out with a
different shade of green paint. The reporting marks were RFMX (or RMFX, not
certain, I don't record that info when I have my camera, I rely on the
photos...) Their car number was in the 44000 series I think.  

I developed the film last night, should have some photos scanned as soon as
I get a chance to make some prints. This same roll of film also has the
ex-NYC ACF cars I shot in Greeley last month.

The funny thing was the lead power on the train was a freshly painted
orange & green BNSF SD40-2. There were at least three other photgraphers
clamoring to grab shots of that, while I was shooting this old hopper
car. :^)  

To be honest, I did take a shot or two of the engine.

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