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Re: PC:Re: Traffic Movements

Kenneth Roble, Jr. wrote:
>            George,
>                    Has the Conrail sign at the main gate of Conway Yard
> been changed to NS yet?
>  Ken R JR

On a (semi) related note, as of Wed evening, the Conrail era sort of
survives  with the sign and logo at the National Customer Service Center
at North Fayette remaining up - even the easily replaceable little tin
sign in the parking lot is still there(wonder how long before THAT
becomes a souvenir??) The CR flag looks like it's still up - although I
couldn't really see it (no wind to unfurl it) I could've _sworn_ there
was something "off" about the design - maybe a cross-out sign over it or
something? Or could have been a trick of my old eyes...

Anybody see any of the "Gone rail" t-shirts?


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