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Re: PC: [Fwd: PRR & NYC]

Michael Bezilla wrote:
> No, CR cars going to NS will continue to have CR reporting marks. I believe
> relettering PRR was considered, but there is really no need, as the CSX
> cars have already been differentiated for computer purposes and so now
> computers can read CR exclusively as NS.

Makes sense to me, until this arrived in my mailbox from John
Krattinger of the CRTS (some of you may have seen this already):

"The Conrail car department at Shire Oaks, PA has begun to restencil
hopper cars both NYC (for CSX) and PRR (for Norfolk Southern). The new
reporting marks have been selected due to being valid AAR reporting
marks for Conrail cars.....By using the NYC and PRR reporting marks,
the acquirers can create two distinct subsets of Conrail equipment
without violating the provisions of the Surface Transportation Board
review process."

So maybe there are some PRR cars running around out there. Keep your
eyes peeled.....

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