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Re: PC: [Fwd: PRR & NYC]

>Has anyone up in ex-PC territory seen this?  This is almost like turning
>the clock back to 1967!

>PRR Talk forum reports that Conrail has begun relettering equipment for the
>breakup - cars going to CSX have been spotted lettered with "NYC" reporting
>marks - presumably cars going to NS will be lettered "PRR"

No, CR cars going to NS will continue to have CR reporting marks. I believe
relettering PRR was considered, but there is really no need, as the CSX
cars have already been differentiated for computer purposes and so now
computers can read CR exclusively as NS.

Yes, the NYC's are showing up--saw a CR gray covered hopper in ALPI thru
Spruce Creek Sunday with NYC reporting marks in white over a black

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