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Re: PC: [Fwd: PRR & NYC]

Gerhard A. Stuebben wrote:
> Has anyone up in ex-PC territory seen this?  This is almost like turning
> the clock back to 1967!
Well, actually, yes....because I had sent the original note to the
PRR-Talk list.... :-)  I saw the cars in Cleveland last Saturday. I
received reports of similar cars seen in Erie, PA, later that weekend.
So they're out there, and more than likely will become more common as
time goes on.

I received a note from the CRTS today that stated that CR crews in
Selkirk and Buffalo are restenciling cars destined for CSXT to NYC;
however, it was stated that cars that will be going to NS are not
being stenciled at this time. Whether that means "not now" or "not
ever" remains to be seen, so the SPF's out there may have to wait a
while. Still, rather freaky to see, yet sacrilegious at the same
time......NYC G41's.....yecch!


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