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PC: Bi-Annual Vol. 1?

I got this book from a friend of my fathers who bought it ages ago while
on vacation back east (I live in Los Angeles).  I am at school right now
so I don't have the book with me but hopefully my Dad will get back from
working on the railroad and tell me exactly when it was published etc.
It is a green hardcover book with a color picture of a PC U33-C on the
cover... ring any bells?  It is just like PC Power except it is all black
and white photos.  The title is "PC Bi-annual Vol 2" and I am 99% positive
that is the title.  It's a great book, I recommend everyone get a copy if
possible.  Again, I don't have the book with me, but I know both my father
and I have been wondering about a Vol 1 for years.
Thanks to Christian for the support.
I will get back to you guys on this.  I could be wrong, but I don't think
so on this one.  For a change.


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