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PC: those care free 70's and the future

I agree with Christian Axsiom, the 70's were
carefree and you gotta love em. I first discovered
trains, and the Penn Central, in 72-73. The once a
week freight, on Thursdays, was the highlight
of my early teens. One day, other then a Thursday,
I heard the air horns across town and after some
fast talking, my father,brothers and me were in the
car and in pursuit. We caught up with a northbound
PC work train with a GP-9 and some gons and a
crane of some sort., which we followed for a few 
miles. While to my none railfan family this was a
total bore, to me its a memory I'll always cherish.

Recently we got our 3 year old son a Lionel set,
having grown up with TYCO and Lifelike HO as
a kid, I'd never played with the 0 scale stuff. 
So now when the ol layout in the basement acts
up, I put er on hold, go up and set up the figure 8
with the kids, and MODEL RAILROADING IS FUN.

One question, is 35 young or old in this group??


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