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PC: Young PC and PC(v)

I was thinking about how the PC ended up having a reputation of being 13-D
boring and shabby black engines and equipment by the railfans up here in
New England at the time.

Then I thought about the journey that we took to get to shabby 13-D!  We
had combinations of all sorts of freight and passenger equipment come our
way while the integration took place. You gotta agree, it was most
interesting when it was happening.

As far as PC(v) is concerned, I showed my wife (loving non-railfan, but
does know that the blue engines are Conrail) the Model Railroader magazine
article that showed the addresses of the Railroad societies and the
difference between our Penn Central concept  of a PC(virtual) society.  She
noted that she saw no other virtual societies out there on the list.  Maybe
if(when) this thing takes off we will be able to give advice to other
groups on how to get a virtual society off and running!

Think about this, ANY railroad or traction line, that existed at ANY time
in the past. We could be a model on how to contact interested folks and get
the group going.

Thanks for letting me ramble. It was an inspired moment.

Mike Rossi         MFROSSI -AT- worldnet.att.net

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