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Re: PC: PC System Bi-Annual -Reply

Christian Axsiom wrote:
	I don't know offhand exactly how the PC affair played out in the
variousbranches of government, but I'm sure there is probably interesting
stuff in the Federal Register and various court cases and legislative acts.
 The trick would be sorting the wheat from the chaff.  I used to work in a
law library, and I'd occasionally enter railroad stuff when we would
have LEXIS or Westlaw training sessions.  Lots of ICC reports and
rulings would come up.  I'm sure someone with LEXIS or Westlaw
access and a bit of time could provide some interesting citations to look
at.  Any law people out there who would be interested?  (There are also
usually LEXIS or Westlaw terminals at college libraries -- free, I think, if
you have access to the library.  I'm not sure how these compare to what
law firms have to work with.)  Of course, you can do the same stuff
without the databases if you've got time and a good law / government
documents library.  Happy hunting!!!

   This is a great way to search.  However, as Christian points out there
is a lot of garbage out there.  Strangely enough, the Penn Central
Bankruptcy case is documented in one location.  It seems that Judge
Fullam (who handled the case and is still alive) realized the historical
significance of the case and ordered the Penn Central to document the
case as it proceeded.  The result was a compilation of documents by the
Corporate Reorganization Reporter.  The series is titled Reorganization
Court Proceedings of the Penn Central Transportation Company, Debtor. 
The final product was 20 volumes of sequentially numbered documents
that were filed in the Penn Central. The volumes total over 3000 pages. 
Volume 1 reviews the PC Corporate Structure and provides plenty of
preliminary info.  Volume 2-15 contain over 8000 documents related to
the case.  Volumes 16-19 summarize the documents.  Volume 20 lists
topics and subtopics and contains a main index.  The series is, however
very difficult to find although I imagine a law library would be able to
obtain one.  I traveled to Philadelphia to view the copy in the possession
of the law firm that handled the case.  They wanted to sell it to me for
$1500.  I might add that the the 20 volumes only contain a some of the
25,000+ documents that were filed in the case.  ALL the documents are
available at the National Archives Mid Atlantic Branch in Philadelphia.

Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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