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Re: PC: RE: Hitop Branch in West Virginia

The ICC valuation reports are at the National Archives.  For more info, see
an excellent report by David Pfeiffer at

At 07:31 AM 4/8/98 -0400, you wrote:
>One thing to try are the old ICC valuation maps. They are stored in
>Washington, DC. I can't remember which museum. If you are interested in
>them, I will try to did out the name and address. I don't think they do
>mail order research, so a trip probably would be in order. I have been
>there a few times. They have a ton of stuff, but there is an element of
>luck involved. You need to know who owned the line when the valuation
>maps were done, as I think they are stored this way. CR and PC wouldn't
>work; I don't know about NYC.
>If this doesn't work, the book you want is: Guide to Railroad Historical
>Resources - US and Canada by Thomas T. Taber III. Two volumes. This is a
>listing of who is holding what. It is very extensive, and has a lot of
>listings for the PC, PRR, NYC, and a zillion other railroads as well.
>This is probably out of print by now, but you should be able to get a
>copy via inter library loan.
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>	Mike:
>	> I don't have anything specific to this. Have you tried to get
>some USGS
>	> maps? Also, I will look tonight at my Tom Tabor book; this
>	> information resources by railroad. Off the top of my head,
>your best bet
>	> is the Haggley museum in Maryland or thereabouts.
>	Thank you for your suggestions. Yes, we have acquired the four
>	topo maps pertaining to this line, unfortunately, they don't
>show the
>	last mile or so of track. We are looking for the track charts in
>	to verify milepost locations with specific landmarks, primarily
>road and
>	stream crossings. So far no luck.
>	I'll be contacting the Haggley museum folks to see if they can
>	any assistance. Another reader of the list suggested we also
>	the NYC System Historical Society in Cleveland.
>	Again, thank you for taking the time to answer my post and for
>	suggestions. 
>	Yours truly,
>	Ron Stafford

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