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Re: PC: PC System Bi-Annual

	I don't know offhand exactly how the PC affair played out in the various
branches of government, but I'm sure there is probably interesting stuff in
the Federal Register and various court cases and legislative acts.  The
trick would be sorting the wheat from the chaff.  I used to work in a law
library, and I'd occasionally enter railroad stuff when we would have LEXIS
or Westlaw training sessions.  Lots of ICC reports and rulings would come
up.  I'm sure someone with LEXIS or Westlaw access and a bit of time could
provide some interesting citations to look at.  Any law people out there
who would be interested?  (There are also usually LEXIS or Westlaw
terminals at college libraries -- free, I think, if you have access to the
library.  I'm not sure how these compare to what law firms have to work
with.)  Of course, you can do the same stuff without the databases if
you've got time and a good law / government documents library.  Happy

At 10:06 PM 4/7/98 -0000, you wrote:
>As a subscriber to PC Railroader in the early 70's, I remember that the 2nd
>System Bi-Annual was cancelled. I don't think it was produced later on but
>possible. It would be interesting to know what Mr. Ferrari has obtained.
>How does this group feel about Bob Pennisi's Vol. 6 "The Penn Central".
>Also I've got two U.S. government books printed in 1972 for the 'SECURITIES
>that have alot of financial information in them. Does anyone know of other
>like these that the government printed? Without a doubt there must be a ton
>reports like this done on the Penn Central.

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