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PC: RE: Hitop Branch in West Virginia

One thing to try are the old ICC valuation maps. They are stored in
Washington, DC. I can't remember which museum. If you are interested in
them, I will try to did out the name and address. I don't think they do
mail order research, so a trip probably would be in order. I have been
there a few times. They have a ton of stuff, but there is an element of
luck involved. You need to know who owned the line when the valuation
maps were done, as I think they are stored this way. CR and PC wouldn't
work; I don't know about NYC.

If this doesn't work, the book you want is: Guide to Railroad Historical
Resources - US and Canada by Thomas T. Taber III. Two volumes. This is a
listing of who is holding what. It is very extensive, and has a lot of
listings for the PC, PRR, NYC, and a zillion other railroads as well.
This is probably out of print by now, but you should be able to get a
copy via inter library loan.

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	> I don't have anything specific to this. Have you tried to get
some USGS
	> maps? Also, I will look tonight at my Tom Tabor book; this
	> information resources by railroad. Off the top of my head,
your best bet
	> is the Haggley museum in Maryland or thereabouts.

	Thank you for your suggestions. Yes, we have acquired the four
	topo maps pertaining to this line, unfortunately, they don't
show the
	last mile or so of track. We are looking for the track charts in
	to verify milepost locations with specific landmarks, primarily
road and
	stream crossings. So far no luck.

	I'll be contacting the Haggley museum folks to see if they can
	any assistance. Another reader of the list suggested we also
	the NYC System Historical Society in Cleveland.

	Again, thank you for taking the time to answer my post and for

	Yours truly,

	Ron Stafford

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