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PC: Ex PC stuff?

Today at lunch time, I saw a couple of things that started me to wondering.

First off was an ex-CR SD40 (or SD40-2, not sure, I was watching through
the viewfinder of my camera...) that had the can openers painted over. This
unit was wearing EMD leasing reporting marks, and was in the 6000 series.

No doubt it was ex-Conrail, but is it possible it may be an ex-PC unit? (If
it was an SD40, that is...)

Second up, and located later in the same train, was what looked like an
H43 hopper.  All black, rather ratty looking, but with very faint MRL
(Montana Rail Link) reporting marks.  What ever happened to PC's H43
hoppers?  Does Conrail still use them? Demoted to work train status yet?

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